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An App that allows you to keep track of your score for all time-based sports with ease.

Clockey provides a handy addition to your time-based sports games that you (or your kids) play in the neighbourhood or in the garden.

Why do I need Clockey?
• Do you play Hockey or Soccer with your kids? They will love the fact that you can now correctly track the time of your game.
• Keeping track of the current score while you are fighting for every inch belongs to the past. Let Clockey handle that for you.

With Clockey you can:
• Track the score of your current game
• Get notified when the game is over
• Customize your game configuration. 2 halves, 3 periods, 4 quarters ... configure it based on the game you are playing.
• Unlimited player support

Not yet convinced? Simply give it a try; it's free!

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