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The must have App for all Card Game lovers to keep track of your score.

Scoretastics provides the perfect card game experience. Covering everything from giving an overview of the current score to a detailed statistic for your game history.

Why do I need Scoretastic?
• Do you always forget who's next to deal? Scoretastics provides an indicator for the player who's next in line to deal
• Tired of always being last due to calculation mistakes? With Scoretastics, all that belongs to the past!
• Statist freak? Scoretastics provides detailed statistics for everything you can think of.

With Scoretastic you can:
• Track the score of your current game
• Visualize who's on top with detailed charts
• Award ceremony after each game
• Unlimited player support

Scoretastic provides:
• Detailed insights who's the greatest of all time
• Statistics for each game
• Overall statistics for your entire game history
• 1o1 statistics to compare with your greatest rival

Not yet convinced? Simply give it a try, it's free!

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